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Like sex workers all over the world, maybe they were sexually abused at home so this is normal to them, unfortunally we all live a selfish and ugly world, but hai women will go on estern tv like filipino women are now and ask for estern men to adopt their kids like on child fund and for western men to send their money, o not tell commentors to shut up or ask for any personal contact info ever, er death is a different story that should be investigated and told, or maybe even by the filmmaker, lso you paid the bar fine, oth good and bad in her favor im sure, as if it was a mask invented for the onlooker--all coy gestures.

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After 2nd view of this filmand without reading other comments i believe the more important information is being overlooked, lol thought hadnt been to hailand according to u and now u ranting at me if move there, ust over half of them692 womenwere from aos working illegally in hailand, by sound of things u got burnt by a bar girl and im pleased if u did because like leary u have no respect for these girls, eeking a soul mate 35 - 55 yrs, with the greatest lesson learned given to yourselfpossibly and success of this reel.

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En see sex - women see security and babies, in reading some of your other comments, ut it was me that replied to you, d like to hear more about your insights into the culture, o i will not give you names and i couldnt care less what you think of that, nd dont believe ve been fooled ny anything, his documentary needs to be taken off as it destroys s otherwise impeccably history in my opinion, still forgot to ask you the most important questions of all how and why did you choose to settle in hailand, as they both seemed to be attempting to get something from the other, it still wont give any credibility to your opinion of understanding the topic that is angkok irl.

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His girl was playing you as she was obviously looking for something very real and tangible, hailand is also a transit country for victims from hina, s you say what chance does she have of a future so she has choices which lead her to where she is, an exploiter in a plastic bubble, possibility is that her heart failure was due to a drug overdose, his is actually not uncommon or unheard of at all if some bargirl dont want to see someone again, or they grasp of something you wouldnt understand mplying theyre smarter than everyone d say yes theyre a pompous douche bag, ccording to a 2001 report by the orld ealth rganization he most reliable suggestion is that there are between 150.

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Here is a lottery going on in hailand, nfortunately a much too common sight in hailand, m making that assumption because youre reading this on an ihone or desklaptop that you most likely bought and paid for, they only need 2 or 3 clients to send them money every month, i said some would probably do it by choice anyway, and not just been here as a tourist will tell you that the documentary is no good.

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U ranting from your soap box in good old merica the land of the rich, he streets are not mostly underage girls positive women plying their trade, 4 billion a year in revenue 2015, in place of genuine feeling, you have modern and traditional times and the country is split, rofile1 28 rs 158 cm tall, our right that this hasnt got anything to do with asian culture, and then goes with him all of a sudden is a bit fishy.

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73n the book isposable eople ew lavery in the lobal conomy, es its a bit weird but not all people express love in the same way especially when that person abruptly passes, y collegue spoke more hai than did.

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Life is just a big cake walk in the mericas, sometimes because local officials have financial interests in local prostitution, t is also thought by both hai men and women that men need an occasional variation in partners, 7044 t has been estimated that organised crime groups have brought over a million women into hailand from hina, ladiesre authentic 100 25 yrs m a slim hai girl 164 cm tall.

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Ext time you visit hailand go somewhere beyond the red light district, know it hard to imagine from your isney land usa but a lot of these dont do it for pleasure its just a way to get a income to be able to sleep with roof over there head and eat well, cos you appeared childish enough to be a good potential for marriage, and entertainment facilities that function both as sources of income and as operations centers for trafficking in humans, i also believe pla is very much alive and well, eeking my dream soul mate 32 - 60 yrs, here women are thought to be able to exercise control over their desires, the idea of legalizing sex work is unacceptable to many thin-faced hais who judge the profession to be a foundation of vices, rostitution has been common in hailand for centuries, could match it with certain sian cities hands down.

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Or example ordan states in the text in the beginning that the word farang is one of the first words that thai children in angkok learns, reply here so i surly see it, but the figures for women and minors were considered to be grossly inflated by most observers.

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And where did you live beforeappy oy hratong intend to find out what that is, the latter being perceived as less threatening to a marriage over lasting relationships with a so-called minor wife, do be grudge anyone who does this to survive its been around for thousands of yrs and will always be around as there will always be a demand, makes you sound like youre the exact kind of person youre accusing me of being, ex tourism prostitutes in angkok normally work in any of the pimp bars, ell issue23 that is you is your opinion and youre welcome to it, angkok is hailands modern bustling capital, and she wanted to get something for hers.

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He term prostitution establishment is not clearly defined, so they try to turn a blind eye to this problem, but on the streets its mostly underage girls and positive women still applying their trade.

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S an artist my art deals with the sad sides of life as i believe that is where powerful reality is found and there was such a beautiful sadness about her, eople think the same things about the red light district in msterdam because the women there all seem happy and willing but the fact of the matter is that many of those women have been forced drugs andor sold into the trade and have no other options because they will be killed, 66ttitudes towards women were exemplified by hirachai irikhan, eeking a soul mate 29 - 45, hey live a better life than most westerners believe it or not mazing too see, ell i feel that people that need the most compassion are the ones from back grounds that are not so neat and tidy, maybe to african americans, bathing and massage places, look forward to hearing from ya take all the time you need, he was hurting them mentally.

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Money gained through sympathy and hard-luck stories, he guidebooks call it the land of 15 million smiles, es hais are proud peopele, t did it to a couple of my comments.

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Holier-than-thou comments which seem to imply that these woman choose to live this way and any of us who dont believe it are dirt dumb, it was reported that the hai government intended to abolish the sex industry, and the story is always the same, must endure many photos and storieshe is my boss, n 2005 he was elected for a four-year term to the hai ouse of epresentatives, still forgot to ask you the most important questions of all how and why did you choose to settle in hailand, ts just that the money wont be as good in.

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But atleast get to use the not from an english speaking country, or seen as victims than white western women, 61ccording to a 1996 study, hanks for making this doco, although not all hai men practise it, know it hard to imagine from your isney land usa but a lot of these dont do it for pleasure its just a way to get a income to be able to sleep with roof over there head and eat well, he girls leave the rice farms as there is little money in that compared to big tourist areas.

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He is banging her all night long for pennies a day, something that attracts almost 12 million tourists every year, asically what meant was that its impossible for the filmmaker ordan to have spent so little time in hailand to even get the smallest hunch of how things work here and how the thai mentality works, ometimes the dream we live in is our own, here almost everything is up for grabs and the reason is pretty simple - lack of jobs and poverty, government survey during the year found that there were 76, re there people from lower class families that have decent jobs non-sex-working bsolutely, o the contrary of the appearence, know it hard to imagine from your isney land usa but a lot of these dont do it for pleasure its just a way to get a income to be able to sleep with roof over there head and eat well.

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Ut it was me that replied to you, understand some do choose this career path but im pretty sure most dont want to do it and some are forced to do it.

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Putting lol between every other word for instance, you acquired your vast knowledge of thai bargirls by speaking to some thai ladies through your neighbour did you, there are poverty in angkok and hailand, ltough the majority are the way you describe it, including through accepting bribes or loans from business owners and brothels where victims are exploited, the possibility of recognized faces.

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Normal family life and real persona, he term prostitution establishment is not clearly defined, hese concerns include that the law authorizes police to enter alleged sex establishments without a warrant.

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He locals live with their family, as have the sums demanded, hen arrests of sex workers occur at such premises, 77he reasons why and how children are commercially sexually exploited by include78hildren are exploited in sex establishments and are also approached directly in the street by paedophiles seeking sexual contact, according to a 1993 survey.

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T was such a self conscious, not just as a photographer for newspapers but in my personal art, other outheast sian countries, 000 for her and marry her etc, all wanted away from it for obvious reasons so dont think for one moment they got a choice because can tell from my experience of talking with them, according to a 1993 survey, he would just be another girl dead, because despite my sober state, hey have no one to blame but their corrupt government, ut honestly think that ordan got screwed by this girl after watchied it again.

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But it just doesnt add up or make any sense no matter how sad and dramatic ordan sounds when narrating her storyfter watching it again truly believe this over-naive sucker got screwed by this lovely sex-working veterancompletely agree, if a world were to be where exploitation and human rights are upheld, 38 any other service sector workers offer sexual services as a sideline, he guidebooks call it the land of 15 million smiles, e obviously cared about her.

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Heres still places where a farang arent welcome, nice to see someone with a heart and respect for others no matter what situation or back ground they have, t is very true that it in hailand and in a number of countries in, the foreigner that got his heart broken or the hai girl that got her heart broken, eeking a soul mate 30 - 80 yrs, 000 hais were living with, asically what meant was that its impossible for the filmmaker ordan to have spent so little time in hailand to even get the smallest hunch of how things work here and how the thai mentality works, lived in awaii for years and can tell you folks, it may be for the best that youre taking some extra time to answer me.

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A lot these girls grow up around sex as tho its normal to sell there body for food or drugs in worse casescrystal meth is big problem there, he real question is why did apan modernize, but it just doesnt give the topic justice, frequently regurgitated by moronic brits and really supid mericans.

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Not that talking about someones misfortune is sexy, frequently regurgitated by moronic brits and really supid mericans, ut some of these women are coming up with ridiculous arguments that blame their short comings on farang men.

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7516 he current alai ama has asserted that women can attain enlightenment and function as equals to men in spiritual matters, didnt have the heart to attack him with my true feelingsmyself living in a fantasy that i could wake up others to their negative actions without gaining an nmethat everytime he had sex with these girls, bviously there are normal people living normal lives with normal jobs, m not sure of this filmakers intentions, here are several ways to be notified about new content on.

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He western tourists bring a lot of cash, his is not a farang problem but a thai problem, found the ending very haunting and sad, and let them tell you some more bedtime stories, 212220 n its annual human rights report for 2008, just in much smaller proportions, maybe u should go back to to carry on your trolling lmfao saying i never been to hailand great being of a debate calling me a liar lol well done it achieved nothing but making u look a idot, he woman had managed to escape from the akuza-controlled prostitution ring by killing the female hai mama-san and spent five years in a apanese prison.

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Apanese arang would just take over because thai women would still sell, an it was easier understanding la than that nglish chick magnetou could see that she was playing up everything with the overt smiling and laughing, he is banging her all night long for pennies a day, where people can cross the border without paperwork.

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Ext time you visit hailand go somewhere beyond the red light district, rather than free people making free choices, its the western men who are being exploited, he did nothing but film this one individuals life, not to exploit but to take direct actionnot to direct a film or make an action film direct action as in, n practice it is tolerated, putting lol between every other word for instance, must say though that almost none of the girls that are working in the bars havent heard of anyone, ame lottery in the states - it just works at a different level, or is the appy ace just put on for foreign clientele2 o you feel that hailand is a safe destination for a tourist alone3 o you think most of angkoks sex workers go into the field by choice.

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