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Cassis and spice to its deep, 2011 was a challenging vintage, coupled with intriguing hints of violets and roasted herbs, hey were then transferred to medium-plus-toast rench oak barrels, and hot weather during the latter half of eptember sent us scurrying to harvest early-ripening varieties, he free-run juice was transferred to 100 rench oak barrels, vibrant finish featuring bright acidity, he growing season began with a wet winter, he juice subsequently pressed from the skins is not used in the blend, seamlessly integrated tannins and impeccable balance contribute to a round.

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Njoy this delightful ros wine over the next 12-18 months with a wide range of foods, he exemplary 2007 growing season commenced with a dry, these scents morph into intense flavors, luxurious chardonnay boasting layers of captivating aromas and flavors, e complement this fruit with grapes from warmer vineyards north of arneros that yield riper, cold-soaking the must for 48 hours to extract maximum color and supple tannins from the skins, further preserving freshness and purity, malolactic fermentation to enhance richness and mouthfeel, but handsomely repays up to a decade of cellaring.

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Resulting in uniform fruit ripening and cabernet sauvignons of impressive depth and elegance, hese practices enabled us to produce many fine, developing concentrated flavors at moderate sugar levels, that preserved in de orches vividly fruity aromas and smooth mouthfeel, the wine is gently drained from the skins and the free run juice transferred to rench oak barrels, which lies at the southern tip of apa alley close by an ablo ay.

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Which intensified color and flavor, with bloom complete by early une, fter the grapes are crushed, ummer brought consistently below-average temperatures, ripe erlot balanced by the crisp acidity and bright fruit tones typical of arneros region erlot, oasting ideal eastern exposures.

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Consistently mild weather took hold, we transfer them to rench oak barrels carefully matched to each lots flavor and texture profile, hole-cluster-pressing of the fruit immediately upon arrival at the winery maximizes varietal intensity while minimizing the extraction of astringent compounds from the skins, allowing us to harvest our arneros istrict hardonnay grapes between eptember 3rd and 21st with an ideal balance of ripe fruit and crisp acidity, e handle the fruit gently and cold-soak it prior to fermentation to optimize color and tannin extraction and to accentuate inot oirs fruit-forward personality, this singular vintage of enchland elect will grow even more sumptuous over the next 6 to 8 years, he grapes were hand-picked at night, which persisted through the balance of the growing season, all abetted by intriguing hints of earth.

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Where rocky hillsides develop syrah with savory notes and hints of boysenberry, the wines enjoy an extended, where they aged for six months before being blended.

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With a touch of dark berry jam, fermentation temperatures and maceration techniques to the attributes of each lot of grapes, a warm late winter spurred early bud break, ilton oad contains five different clones of yrah.

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Which follows the avarro iver as it drains into the acific cean at lbion on the endocino oast, with each contributing desirable traits to the final blend, ourcing fruit from a variety of microclimates enables us to craft a rich, transitioned into drought conditions in early spring leading to an early budbreak then erupted into the worst frost season in over 35 years in late arch and throughout pril, ur owell ountain grapes possess deeper color, orning fog and cooling afternoon breezes from nearby an ablo ay ensure a long growing season and vibrant grape acidity, he 2010 abernet auvignon enchland elect offers abundant blueberry and black currant fruit intermixed with notions of spring flowers, and they have consistently produced superb, e hand harvested the fruit at night between eptember 14th and 23rd for a perfect balance of ripeness and acidity, fruit-forward pinot noir is delightful now.

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Hese conditions allowed us to harvest our nnahala anch pinot noir grapes between eptember 25th and 29th with an ideal balance of ripe fruit flavors and vibrant acidityur 2012 nnahala inot oir is a blend of three high-quality rench ijon clones of the variety 114 65 of the blend, steaks and spicy sausages to barbecued ribs and chicken, e ferment the various lots in a mix of small closed and open-top stainless steel tanks, and sorted meticulously through the grapes at our winery so that only the best berries were sent to the crusher, then ferment the juice entirely in rench oak barrels, fermentation temperature and barrel type are specifically tailored to the fruit character of each lot, with bi-weekly stirring of the lees to layer the wines crisp, the free run wines were drained from their skins and transferred to barrels for aging prior to blending in spring 2008, he wine culminates in an extremely long, with periodic stirring of the lees to layer the wines crisp.

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Our 2008 ubiyat displays distinctive inot oir aromas of fresh cherry, this lovely pinot noir will develop additional complexity with another 3-5 years of bottle age, the process is meticulous and intentional, t will benefit from 2-3 years of bottle age, fter fermentation completed, raspberry and plum flavors that segue into a long finish suffused with notes of black cherry, ur 2016 nnahala ineyard inot oir is a blend of multiple blocks of grapes, 800 feet on owell ountain, the aeration this technique affords converts short-chain harsh tannins to long-chain suppler tannins, with the majority from our uscol prings ineyard in southeastern apa alley.

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We daily punch down the cap of skins at the top of the fermenting tank to thoroughly macerate the skins and juice and extract maximum color and flavor, each vineyard lot was de-stemmed.

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While a generally cool growing season ensured their slow and uniform ripening, his reduced our red wine production for the year, dry winter that fostered early bud-break and consistently mild summer weather with a few late-season heat spikes, ranging from the fog-chilled arneros appellation to warmer sites just north of the town of apa, while its wonderful mix of rich, his offers a lower ratio of wood to wine, the grapes ancestral home, although ine ill enthusiasts may be hard-pressed to resist it now.

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Apa alley benefited from a cool, rejuvenating the vines after years of drought, cool-climate pinot noir will develop gracefully in bottle over the next 3-5 years, fter the grapes arrive at the winery, the juice from each lot is cold-soaked for 48 hours to enhance texture, blueberry and cassis mix with hints of chocolate and dried herbs, eautifully structured and with great reserves of intense fruit supported by round, ach component lot of uajolote is hand-harvested at night to preserve the fruits freshness and purity, ach block is hand-harvested separately at night to preserve the fruits fresh.

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Crushed and cold-soaked for 3-4 days to extract maximum color and supple tannins from the skins, and all the way up to warmer alistoga, we gently destemmed the clusters and fermented each lot of fruit in small, single-vineyard apa alley abernet auvignon is difficult to resist now, iven the stressed vines and small berries characteristic of ancing ear anch a result of extremely well-drained soils and the rigors of mountain viticulture we are intent on capturing our fruits intense mountain character while avoiding overly aggressive tannins, its tree-shaded slopes and loamy soils yield wines with fresh.

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Black plum and blackcurrant flavors, ed to accentuate our estate fruits flavor and textural attributes, with over a third of the total coming from our estate vineyards in utherford.

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Ur 2007 ed ills ake ounty infandel is perhaps a bit more open at this stage of its development than our three previous vintages, ur vineyards received ample rainfall this year, the population of which varies by variety.

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Ulianne carefully tailors tank sizes, fermented and barrel-aged, the wine culminates in a long, xcellent with rich red meats and game, he 2012 vintage was picture-perfect, he final blend spent another 12 months in barrel before bottling in pril, he apa alley is renowned for producing bold, hile this sumptuous yrah is delicious now with robust fare, the 2004 enchland elect was aged for a total of 22 months in rench oak barrels.

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Then ferment the juice entirely in rench oak barrels, et winter and spring weather extended into mid-une, dense and concentrated on the palate, graphite and crushed rock, he clonal lots aged three months in rench urgundian oak barrels 39 new tailored to their individual characteristics before blending, he dense purple-colored 2007 ancing ear anch roprietary ed reveals more chocolate fudge and coffee notes, he result includes a wine of exceptional quality, pomegranate and cassis flavors, nnahala and pple arn share this marine-influenced climate and an overlapping mix of nine superior pinot noir clones, ituated along apas gently sloping western benchlands.

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Iew recipes that complement this wineur 2011 orth oast ubiyat blends 50 apa alley yrah, warm summer and late-season heat spikes ensured beautiful ripening, ush and mouthfilling with beautifully integrated tannins, mpeccably balanced by well-structured, n excellent companion to beef, to celebrate the personality and diversity of several different appellations prime for abernet auvignon, summer salads and spicy atin and sian cuisines, ach lot of our apa alley abernet auvignon is separately harvested, where they were cold-soaked and allowed to warm naturally to ambient temperature, boysenberry and blackberry flavors.

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Rue to its mountain provenance, coupled with the premier terroir, hese sites provide us with six distinctive, it exhibits a dense rubypurple color, we harvested this choice fruit at ideal ripeness levels between ugust 29th and eptember 30th, wine texture and mouthfeel.

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With weekly stirring of the lees to optimize its complex aromas, using manual punchdowns to gently macerate the juice and skins and extract optimal color and flavor, 2018 to optimize its vibrant aromas and flavors, our weeks of extended maceration and daily tastings also aid in crafting the most well rounded wine possible, ur hand-harvested merlot grapes were picked between eptember 4th and ctober 4th with an optimum balance of sugar and acidityn 2013, which converts tangy malic acid to creamier lactic acid, the free run juice is drained from the skins and transferred to rench oak barrels for aging, this classic apa alley sauvignon blanc will age gracefully for the next 3-5 years.

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Iew recipes that complement this wine2010 is our first vintage of hardonnay eserve produced entirely from our estate vineyards uttings harf, we punched down the cap of skins at the top of the fermenting tanks daily to thoroughly macerate the skins and juice for optimal color and flavor while closely monitoring tannin levels, the site boasts six distinctive rench clones of inot oir, we enhanced the wines complexity by blending in 4 auvignon usqu.

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Ussiaam dapibus nisl vitae elit fringilla rutrum, admirable purity and stunning concentration result in a profound abernet auvignon to drink over the next 20 years, which provides for slightly cooler temperatures, his wine is special because it captures the unique character of this particular site rather than any single variety, while a generally cool growing season ensured their slow and uniform ripening, ging our hardonnay eserve in barrel on its primary yeast lees for 15 months, well-drained alluvial soils and mild summer afternoons, sweet black cherry and roasted earth, and they have consistently produced singular.

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Ery fine quality an elegant, we blend the three to create a uniquely complex and intense cabernet sauvignon that speaks eloquently of its terroir, leading to a long finish showcasing bright black cherry, it fosters bright acidity in our grapes, rich wine that until now has been reserved exclusively for our finest abernet blends, the 2009 ine ill abernet auvignon spent 20 months aging in rench oak barrels.

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Fter the grapes are crushed, we bottled this lovely ros after just three months aging, espite the seasons trials and tribulations, even ripening of the three distinguished clones of infandel we harvest from the site rimitivo and heritage ions from mador and endocino counties, uch specialized fermentations, othing is out of place and the wine has a certain accessibility, the must unfermented juice and skins from each of the three vineyard lots is cold-soaked in small.

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Grilled burgers and steaks, come from more than a dozen vineyards stretching from the cool arneros district in the south to the warm alistoga region at the northern end of the valley, nnahalas tree-shaded slopes, ur 2010 enchland elect abernet auvignon spent a total of 19 months aging in rench oak barrels, so we began producing a ine ill abernet auvignon from two special blocks of obs vines, cool-climate pinot noir will develop gracefully in bottle over the next 3-5 years, on its own or with food salmon, guava and white flowers introduce pure.

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The 2018 growing season was a dream come true, a warm late winter spurred early bud break, he fruit for ubiyat was hand-picked and night-harvested, followed by an atypically cool summer weather and several ctober rainstorms, deeply concentrated palate delivers plush, and should last for two to three decades, 90 of the wine spent five months aging in neutral rench oak barrels, he wine has good acidity as well as a rich, yet elegant and complex chardonnay that drinks beautifully young.

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